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Lite 300

$15 monthly
  • 300 comments per month
  • Rate: $0.05 per comment/reply
  • Ideal for starter websites that require 10 comments or less per day.
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Standard 900

$36 monthly
  • 900 comments per month
  • Rate: $0.04 per comment/reply
  • Recommended for small websites that require 30 comments or less per day.
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Tailored Plans for Every WordPress Site!

Gold 3000

$90 monthly
  • 3000 comments per month
  • Rate: $0.03 per comment/reply
  • Perfect for growing mid-sized websites that require 100 comments or less per day.
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Elite 9000

Best Deal
$180 monthly
  • 9000 comments per month
  • Rate: $0.02 per comment/reply
  • Excellent for established high-traffic websites that require 300 comments or less per day.
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A Detailed Comparison

Living Comments

Feature Included? Description
Smart AI Comments Dynamically employs multiple prompts to generate a single comment, deepening the dialogue.
Replies Responds to user comments and may ask questions to ignite further discussions.
Human Element Playful emojis, typos and misspellings lend a personal, human touch.
Comment Moderation Auto-moderation to foster safe community exchanges.


Other Plugins

Feature Included? Description
Smart AI Comments Uses a single prompt from a set of predefined templates to generate comments.
Replies Only offers comments about your blog content, leaving user comments unanswered.
Human Element Lacks genuine quirks like emojis and typos that mimics human typing.
Comment Moderation No moderation, risking exposure to unsafe dialogue.

All Plans Include...

SEO-Friendly Comments
5 Engagement Modes
Comments & Replies Metrics
Weekly Statistics Chart
Autopost Scheduling
40+ Unique Tones
Custom Word Lengths
Comment/Reply Ratio
Human-Like Dialogue
35 Languages
Words Filter
Name Generator
Guests/Dummy Users
Comment Moderation

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Refund Policy: Please note that all sales are final. Due to the incurrence of non-recoverable costs related to third-party API requests for generating AI comments and replies, we are unable to offer refunds. We encourage you to utilize the 15 free credits to ensure our plugin meets your needs before making a purchase.

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With industry-leading AI at the helm, Living Comments generates engaging discussions around your blog topics that your audience will want to be part of. Transform your comments section today!

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Comment Moderation

Our built-in safeguard proactively filters out inappropriate content before it reaches your doorstep, fostering a more secure and high-quality community interaction.

Guests / Dummy Users

Boost engagement with our Guests/Dummy Users feature. Easily manage names and dummy accounts for a more personal touch, or let us auto-generate names.

Your Feedback Matters

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