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Quick Setup Guide

Download and install Living Comments plugin

To install the Living Comments plugin, click the 'Upload Plugin' button in the Add New Plugin section of WordPress. Select the zip file then click 'Install Now'.

Activate the plugin

Activate the plugin then click on Living Comments in the WordPress admin menu to view the dashboard.

Register for free by clicking Get Started

Click the 'Get Started' button in the Account Overview tab of the plugin to sign up for a free account. You'll get 15 credits to generate AI comments and replies!

Complete the brief sign up form

Complete the brief form then click the Sign Up button. That's it! You're ready to start generating smart AI comments and replies on your blog!

Adjust your settings and click Run

Adjust the settings to your preference then hit the 'Run' button to bring your comments section to life!

Transform Your Blog From Ghost Town to Lively Town Square!

With industry-leading AI at the helm, Living Comments generates engaging discussions around your blog topics that your audience will want to be part of. Transform your comments section today!

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Comment Moderation

Our built-in safeguard proactively filters out inappropriate content before it reaches your doorstep, fostering a more secure and high-quality community interaction.

Guests / Dummy Users

Boost engagement with our Guests/Dummy Users feature. Easily manage names and dummy accounts for a more personal touch, or let us auto-generate names.

Your Feedback Matters

Unhappy with a comment? Click the sad face button to report it and we'll review it promptly. Your feedback helps us improve our service for everyone.

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