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Problem: No comments on your blog

Your Blog's Biggest Problem?

Even the most compelling blog posts can fall flat without reader engagement. An empty comment section can make your blog seem deserted resembling a ghost town, affecting both reader retention and SEO rankings. It's a common challenge, but one with a powerful solution.

Solution: Living Comments

Introducing Living Comments

Living Comments dynamically brings to life your blog's comment sections by generating SEO-friendly, context-aware AI comments that effectively spark meaningful conversations and boost user engagement. Revive your blog's comment section today with Living Comments!

Product Demo

Sports Max Verstappen vs. Charles Leclerc: The Next Great F1 Rivalry
The emphasis on the Verstappen-Leclerc rivalry seems to overshadow the essence of Formula 1 as a team sport. 🛠️ By focusing solely on the drivers, we're neglecting the incredible work behind the scenes by engineers, mechanics, and strategists. It's these collective efforts that truly shape the outcomes of races. Furthermore, reducing the narrative to just two drivers diminishes the achievements and potential of their contemporaries, creating a skewed perception of the competitive landscape in F1.

Tone: Critical Length:


Tone: Appreciative Length:

Spark Discussions for All Web Niches.
Living Comments WordPress Plugin features

Why Living Comments?

  • Dynamic AI Conversations: Our AI generates relevant comments, fostering authentic engagement.
  • SEO Boost: More comments give search engines more context to understand your content, signaling fresh content and enhancing SEO.
  • Over 40 Tones: Choose from 40+ tones distinguished by color: green for positive comments, yellow for balanced ones, and red to introduce critique.
  • 35 Language Support: English, French, Dutch, Turkish, Persian, and 30 more for worldwide interaction.
  • Word Length: Choose from Short, Medium, or Long comments to match your content's style.
  • Emojis for a Human Touch: Enable emojis in comments to add personality and a more human-like interaction 😊👍🕒💬🎉

How It Works

  1. Install Living Comments: Easily integrate with your WordPress site in just a few clicks. Sign up is FREE.
  2. Customize Your Settings: Choose your preferred tones, moderation level, and engagement style.
  3. Watch Your Community Grow: Click 'Run' and see the immediate impact as our plugin auto generates AI comments and replies that stimulate reader interaction and engagement.

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With industry-leading AI at the helm, Living Comments generates engaging discussions around your blog topics that your audience will want to be part of. Transform your comments section today!

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